How to Post a Comment

Students or parents can post comments on the pages that aren't locked. Just follow the steps below.* I'll also show you in class how to do this.

1. Click the "Edit" tab on the right top of the page.
2. Choose a new color to type in by clicking the "Style Text" button. It's the one with a "T" and paint pallete.
3. Click the box next to "Text Color" Then choose a color on the right and then click "Apply Styles" at the bottom.
4. Start your post by typing a heading with your name, the date, and a colon. Ex. Miss Deal 9/1/13:
5. If you're a parent please use your child's name so we know who you are. Ex. Tommy's Mom
6. Type your message after your heading. Remember to proofread before you're finished.
7. Click the "Save" button

*Remember, being a member of this Wiki is a privilege and requires responsibility. If you post anything inappropriate or unkind, there will be consequneces, and you will loose your privilege to participate. I trust all of you to use this fun tool the correct way so we can continue to use it in many ways. :)